Roy Keane’s Lucky Scarf 2010-2011

Posted on June 5, 2011


That’s all folks. The Scarf is calling it a day. We leave you with one last story and then we are off.

Enjoy Joanne’s story, and all the others. They will be here forever, but I’m afraid there will be no more. Efforts are going to be put elsewhere for a while.

Thanks very much to Sarah Salway, Dave Hartley, Benjamin Stonehouse, Sarah-Clare Conlon, Robert Walsh, Patrick Campbell, Plashing Vole, Tom Mason, Shirley Kernan and Joanne Sheppard for their brilliant stories, and thanks to you for reading. We will meet again soon I am sure.

We will end, in fitting fashion, with the last sentence of Roy Keane’s autobiography.

“Yeah? Right. That’s that then!”

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