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Anagram Sam

June 22, 2011


Thanks to Anagram Sam for bringing something to my attention. Whatever I did with the information Anagram Sam gave me was going to be unpleasant but I have dealt with the problem as swiftly, and as neatly as I could. I would like to say that I was unaware of the situation until Anagram Sam pointed […]

Roy Keane’s Lucky Scarf 2010-2011

June 5, 2011


That’s all folks. The Scarf is calling it a day. We leave you with one last story and then we are off. Enjoy Joanne’s story, and all the others. They will be here forever, but I’m afraid there will be no more. Efforts are going to be put elsewhere for a while. Thanks very much […]

Missing In Action

June 5, 2011


By Joanne Sheppard… “Mrs Keane?” Peter called. “Mrs Keane, are you here? Mabel? Mabel Keane? My name’s Peter, from the Council? Your neighbours were a bit worried about you, so I’ve just come to see if you’re all right. The back door was open, so…” He trailed off. There was not a sound to be […]

The Luck King

May 15, 2011


By Tom Mason… Deep under the mountain, beneath the jagged rocks and grey slopes, dwelt the Luck King. Hidden away under the stone and moss, he would wait in his throne room, crouching and wheezing in the corner of the cavern. Crouching and wheezing and waiting for someone’s luck to run out. He was a […]

A Boy Named Roy

May 4, 2011


By Shirley Kernan… Roy wanted to bring the mighty weight of hell fire and brimstone (or at the very least a well proportioned Kerry rock) on top of one particular head. Roy, as he chugged along the country roads in his Massey Ferguson tractor, was planning his mission.  “It’s just not fair,” he would regularly […]

The Luck Department

March 12, 2011


By Sarah-Clare Conlon… Today was like any other. Roy dawdled as long as possible beneath the bedclothes then dived into the icy box of the adjoining bathroom. He stared unseeing at the tiles mosaiced with mildew, concentrating only on enduring the erratic temperatures: first being scalded as the water boiled down from the spitting showerhead, […]

Garment Feud

February 26, 2011


By David Hartley… I had a scarf. She had a scarf. Both scarves were home-made and of roughly equal length. Mine, however, was better. There was no doubt in my mind that mine was better. Knowing that my scarf was better, I excelled in the improvisation games in the first Drama class of the term. […]